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ArtGare is funded by one-time donations and monthly contributions on Patreon from people. In short, you are the people who are funding and running this website and helping us create more content. All the money we get from people goes directly to the ArtGare Development Fund, which helps us clear our staff salaries,  pay for website hosting and domain bills and other expenses. Nothing is hidden from you, you can contact us at any time to get information about expense reports and how we are using your contributed money. We also update our finance and expense reports on the website from time to time.
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Early access to content

Get early access to articles, 3D models, WIP updates and polls

Voting power

Vote for your favorite 3D models and prioritize the content you want to see on the website

Display your name

Display your name on the website as long as you are subscribed to the Elite or Rare tier

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Monthly open topic talks

Monthly Open Topic to talk about what you like and what you'd like to see next, useful to give us ideas and to take decision for future models

Access to premium models

Get access to specially designed premium 3D models with additional goodies

Request custom models

Request custom 3d models and get it done by our team on priority, you can request as many models as you want and use them in commercial projects

Includes all the previous tier perks*

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Get advertisement voucher

By joining this tier, you own us and our time. We will always be there to support your commercial projects in advertising on the website and help you spread your work to a larger audience

Get Trello board access

Get an access to our Trello board and spend one-on-one time working together on our journey and website updates

Display your name forever

Display your name on the website forever, and you can make it clickable by adding a url

Includes all the previous tier perks*

Don't want to subscribe monthly? Contribute once and help ArtGare create more content

Finance Reports

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